Parallax Professional Development Board

By | Dicembre 2, 2015

Professional Development Board

Casa Produttrice: Parallax Inc.
Parallax P/N 28138

28138 (1)


• 40-pin DIP socket (for BASIC Stamp 2 series and Javelin Stamp modules)
• 14-pin SIP socket (for BS1-IC)
• 28-pin “skinny” DIP socket (for SX28AC/DP)
• USB, DB-9, BS1, and SX-Key programming connectors
• 2.1 mm, center-positive connector for DC power
• 5 volt, 1.0 amp power-supply with power switch
• 16 discrete LEDs
• Five 7-segment (with decimal point), common-cathode LED displays
• Parallel LCD interface may be configured in 4-bit or 8-bit mode
• Two servo-compatible headers
• Two 10 kΩ potentiometers
• Audio amplifier with built-in speaker; with switch for external speaker
• L293D high-current driver for motors, solenoids, etc.
• Eight, normally-open pushbuttons (I/O lines protected, and pulled-up to Vdd via 10K)
• Eight DIP switches (I/O lines protected, and pulled-up to Vdd via 10K)
• Pulse generator with selectable frequency (1 Hz, 10 Hz, 100 Hz, or 1 kHz)
• RJ-11 connector; configurable for X-10 and 1-Wire® communications
• RS-232 DCE port with MAX232E transceiver
• DS1307 (I2C®) real-time-clock with 3v back-up battery (pre-installed)

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